Our manufacture

The company Otto Schumacher Sattlerei has been proving itself with the highest level and traditional craftsmanship in the manufacture of leather for more than sixty years. As a specialist in riding equipment the family-owned business does not only design and manufacture extraordinary treasures for horse and rider, it even sets new standards in the glamorous world of fashion accessories with creativity, exclusiveness and to the greatest demands. The centre of attention is the unique combination of various materials that are lovingly processed by hand into a perfect end product. The manufacture of finest-selected leather and the combination with Swarovski crystals represent sustainable handcraft and individual refinement. A special segment is the product line "by TR-design" that has been successful on the market since 2012. Individually designed bracelets and belts are placed with Swarovski Elements precisely and with skillful craftsmanship. Our employees manufacture these unique items with loving care at our location in Marienheide. Naturally they are also made to measure according to the special demands of our customers. The love to leather, precise work and tradition are pioneering for a continuous creative and successful future in the craft industry.

Our inspiration

Making the world more fashionable and unusual is not only our aim, but also passion of our work. "by TR-design" is a brand that impresses completely without exaggeration. The fascination of our items is not just created by their precise perfection: Their beauty is the uniqueness!

Our philosophy

The epitome of our tradition are loyalty and honesty. Relying on that we do a good job delightedly every single day. The responsible processing of the resources used as well as the standard of quality at the highest level have priority in the manufacture of materials. This is exactly why the pieces of jewellery are exclusively made out of fine calf or water buffalo leather. Combined with creativity, passion and skill an innovation arises not only corresponding to our tradition but also looking forward with the consciousness of remaining true to the craftsmanship.

100% handmade

The careful manufacture of every single piece of material guarantees an end product of high quality. Because of that the selection of materials and the lovingly careful handicraft are essential for every single collection and individual item.

  • How vision becomes reality: Individual samples made for each product are sketched by hand. Patterns are made for every individual piece of leather and various ideas for placing the Swarovski crystals by hand are created.  
  • Made in Germany: The selection of materials is not just essential for the appearance or fabric, even finest-selected leather of high quality is significant for the manufacture. Vegetably tanned leather of excellent quality is important to guarantee the durability of the unique items.  
  • Every single piece of leather is cut separately and precisely by punch machines.
  • The leather is thinned down into the requested leather thickness by special skiving machines.  
  • The individual pieces of leather are sewn together and embellished by several seams. Various techniques and threads of different thicknesses give the product a special and individual appearance.  
  • Open leather ends are dyed twice by hand.
  • Afterwards the seam ends are tied together.
  • Regular quality controls guarantee a smooth manufacturing process and the valency of the end product.
  • Placing the Swarovski Elements by hand and according to size, shape and sample requires highest concentration and patience. Owing to the detailed made-to-measure manufacture countless gleaming crystals can be placed on the high-quality leather and every unique creation impresses with its beauty.